Saugeen curry house and fish n chips is a local family-run restaurant with an expedition to present English origin and the true Indian experience to our community. The idea behind keeping curry with fish n chips together is to bring all age group people together at one spot to eat.
With our curry, we are bringing flashes of colour, the shimmer of ornaments and the mouthwatering aroma of Indian spices. Every spice has a reason for being there as they have health benefits and make more exciting flavourful food.

The exciting thing about our fish n chips menu is that we carry local Huron lake’s white fish.

Our food is our pride and a passport that will give you excess to an unparallel culinary experience and that will take that to a new level.

We trust that you find the ambience striking and presentation gorgeous with true flavours.

Curry house and fish n chips invite all age group guests to celebrate the destination in an unforgettable setting that will fascinate the senses..